Burns Llama Trailblazers Champion Working Llamas
Burns Llama Trailblazers Champion Working Llamas









Our Breeding Philosophy

newborn baby llama looking at you At Burns Llama Trailblazers we breed llamas that can handle the rough desert country we live in. This landscape demands athletes with the endurance of an ox and the agility of a ballerina. We expect our llamas to be able to travel under full load, not just for a day, but day after day without tiring. They must be light enough to leap and dance through clefts in the rimrock and clamber up the canyon walls, yet have strong backs and pasterns to stand up to heavy loads while and marching across mile after mile of wide expanses and rough terrain. Their bodies must be designed to conserve energy so that no motion is wasted.

To accomplish this our breeding program focuses on building strength, endurance, and agility into a light compact frame of durable bone. We look for a narrow straddle and strong pasterns to keep the llama going year after year. WE add straight legs, a short flat back, and an agile neck, all balanced in equal proportions for perfect conformation in a body shaped more like a deer than a than a horse.

At about 46 inches at the withers and 300 pounds, we consider the stature of our llamas just right. They easily carry 75 pounds. Some of our llamas are slightly larger, some slightly smaller, but all comfortably ride in a variety of vehicles, can be easily loaded without having to cush, and are of a size that is comfortable for both children and adults to work with while still having plenty of ground clearance.

Female llamas running across a field "Classic" and "Ccara" are terms often used to describe llamas with short wool. We demand more. For us the llamas must have a outer coat of sturdy quard hair that sheds snow, rain, and debris, while not getting caught in the brush. The under coat of down must be dense enough to keep the llamas warm during subzero weather. Legs and faces need to be clean of wool that could mat and collect debris.

The perfect body is wasted without an excellent personality. Since our llamas receive extensive training, we want to make that time as productive as possible. To accomplish this the llama needs a calm personality wth a high level of intelligence. They must have an alert mind, while enjoying working with people and wanting to please. They also must be determined, energetic, and full of spunk. Once out of training we expect our llamas to be able to think difficult situations through and negotiate them without coaching.

ta string of Burns Llama Trailblazers' llamas packing amoung rugged peaks It's a tall order and one we have been working to fill for over thirty years. We are very pleased with our results. From our herd of 30 llamas we produce a limited number of offspring annually. This allows us to fully focus on training. We require our crias to be fully handleable and manageable before they are released for sale.

Our males are available for outside breedings to selected females.

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