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Burns Llama Trailblazers retains only a select number of females. All are fully trained and certified at least as Basic PLTA Pack Llamas. We breed for the double hair coat and conformation of classic llamas as well as a sharp mind and 'can do' attitude.

Rocky Mountain Ponderosa BLT A Patchy Ibis BLT Winne’s Whimsey

Rocky Mountain Ponderosa
Rocky Mountain Inca x
Rocky Mountain Puzzle

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
PLTA Advanced Llama Candidate
Award winner in ALSA halter classes
Rosa is a gentle lady willing and agreeable. She is an excellent mother, even nursing crias that are not hers.

BLT A Patchy Ibis (Juni)
BFF A Patchy Warrior x
Beckit’s Snowy Egret

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
Juni's conformation is very correct. She has a gentle disposition and is herd leader. She is a good producer who throws offspring with excellent conformation.

BLT Winnie’s Whimsey
Born 5/22/2006
UC Wahoo x
Miss Winne

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
Whimsey is a proven producer. She is an imposing, energetic lady with great presence.

BLT Augusta Edition BLT Snowy Plover BLT Aspen Edition

BLT Augusta Edition
Born 5/31/2006
The Special Edition x

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
Gussie is an alert, excellent mother.

BLT Snowy Plover
Born 6/4/2006
UC Wahoo x
BLT A Patchy Ibis

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
COLA Reserve Champion, Maiden Performance
Plover is a tall girl with a willingness to try any obstacle.

BLT Aspen Edition
Born 6/2/2007
The Special Edition x
Rocky Mountain Ponderosa

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
COLA First Place, Light Wool Adult Female
Aspen is a stately, friendly girl who enjoys human companionship. She is highly energetic and enjoys hiking.

BLT Wahoo’s Emma BLT Wahoo’s Leda Eagle's Nest Sally

BLT Wahoo’s Emma
Born 4/5/08
UC Wahoo x
BLT Enola

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
Emma is energetic and willing to follow anyone down the trail.

BLT Wahoo’s Leda
Born 5/3/2009
UC Wahoo x
BLT Warrior's Nesika

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
COLA Champion Maiden Performance Llama
Leda is energetic and friendly. She will go anywhere and do anything.

Eagle's Nest Sally
Born 5/15/2009
Gold'n Hawk x
Eagle's Nest Juliet

PLTA Basic Pack Llama
Sally is a gentle, bright, and highly cooperative lass. Her excellent classic coat molts very well.

Latitude's Coravon

Latitude's Corazon
Born 3/7/2010
MLLC KC's Chief x Mesa's May Sunrise

PLTA Basic Pack Llama candidate
Cora is bright, curious, and has demonstrated excellent training aptitude. She has a light athletic frame and an excellent classic double coat, that molts well.

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