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BLT Llama Training Standards

BLT Basic Training Produces Excellent Llama Companions

At Burns Llama Trailblazers we strive to produce not only fine minds and bodies, but to train our animals to be fully functional companions. All of our crias are trained to be fully handleable and manageable. We call this Basic Training and euphemistically refer to it as kindergarten. It consists of three sections: handler tasks, manageability and obstacles. Our llamas generally complete their basic training by six months of age.

BLT Basic Training: Manageability Young llamas working in a string

  • Llama allows approach while loose
  • Llama willingly accepts halter and calmly allows halter to be removed
  • Llama walks on loose lead, changes pace, stops, and turns
  • Llama performs side-pass
  • Llama backs in straight line and through turns
  • Llama loads in trailer
BLT Basic Training: Handler Tasks
  • Llama allows touching and examination of neck, back belly, legs, rump and tail
  • llama allows touching and examination of all four feet
  • Llama allows toenails to be trimmed
  • Llama allows full grooming including spray bottle and blower
  • Llama allows touching and inspection of face, eyes, ears, and teeth
Basic Training: Obstacles
  • Llama negotiates gates and tight places
  • Llama negotiates unusual surfaces
  • Llama steps up onto surface 12 inches or more high
  • Llama negotiates stairs
  • Llama places foot into bucket
  • Llama allows being petted by strangers
  • Llama calmly tolerates dog under control of leash
  • Llama walks 24 inch high bridge
  • Llama ducks through tunnel or other obstacle
  • Llama calmly steps over object or series of objects
  • Llama jumps object or series of objects
  • Llama negotiates teeter-totter ramp
  • Llama allows saddling with light-duty day pack and panniers
  • Llama negotiates above listed obstacles wearing light-duty pack and panniers

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