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Our workshops are designed to enhance the communication between you and your llama. It is our goal to encourage a better working relationship, and to help both of you find greater enjoyment of your life together. We offer the following three training opportunities as well as provide custom training specific to your personal needs. Depending on the requests we receive, our workshops are scheduled for either half day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours) sessions. Content is adjusted accordingly. Please contact us for specific dates, fees and other particulars.


Every llama has its own unique personality and responds to training differently, and every human thinks just a little differently. Bridging the communication gap and getting your llama to do what you want is what this workshop is about. It focuses on the tasks a llama must know in order to function calmly and confidently in the presence of people. We will cover the the basic training we expect any polite llama to posses. Our goal is to not only show you how a well-trained llama should behave, but also show you how to get your llama there. Basic training will cover catching llamas, haltering, picking up feet, brushing, leading, loading, unloading and more.


Getting llamas and handlers to smoothly work together when negotiating obstacles consists of putting in the time and knowing some basic techniques. In this one-day clinic, participants will get a chance to learn some of these techniques. Techniques to be covered include water obstacles, bridges, maneuvering in small spaces, tires, hula hoops, tunnels, putting hats or other gear on the llama, and any other areas requested by participants as time allows. In day-long workshops, morning sessions with trained llamas allow participants to hone their own skills. Afternoon portions of these workshops show you how to teach these skills to untrained llamas. You are encouraged to bring your own female or gelding.


This worksshop is offered only as a day-long session that focuses on learning ground driving. The morning will be spend discussing tack, technique, and safety. For this class participants will work with a partner, so you are encouraged to come with a friend! First, participants will get a feel of what it is like to be the llama in the cart. Then they will learn how to give commands through the reins. Several harnesses and carts will be shown and discussed. The afternoon will include hands-on harnessing and ground driving.


Ever carry a backpack and come home groaning from aches and pains in places you didn't know you had? This day-long workshop addresses the basics of how to transfer the burden to your four-footed companion and have them happy to help you out. Topics include conditioning, gear, saddling, and loading. In the morning we will discuss what it takes to make your llama's packing experience enjoyable. Multiple saddles will be available for inspection and critique. We will practice loading panniers appropriately and discuss what it takes to stay in shape. The afternoon session will include hands-on practice in saddling and loading technique.

Please Note:
Our workshop facility is a working ranch where we house our female herd. While you are encouraged to bring your own animal(s), PLEASE DO NOT BRING INTACT MALES without contacting us first. Animals will be available for you to practice with if you are unable to bring your own.

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