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Burns Llama Trailblazers Champion Working Llamas










Female Ccara
Born: 5/26/2020

Latitude's Marty McFly
BLT Wahoo's Sparrow

ILR #294015

Light Wool, Double Coat
Fawn with white points

46 inches at the withers

Female pack llama for sale: BLT Robin McFly



Byline: "I sort things out ahead of time so I make no mistakes."

BLT Robin McFly is a thinker. She examines a situation or person and, if she decides they are safe, calmly proceeds with the activity whatever it may be. She enjoys hiking with her human companion and will string in any position. She is trained to wear a pack saddle with empty panniers. She has been working on obstacles and hiking down trails cross country since she was a few months old. At eighteen months old she is training 4H children.

Robin's basic training is complete. She is fully touchable. She is comfortable with toe trimming, grooming, loading/unloading and traveling in a trailer, negotiating obstacles, and tethering on a long line. Robin does all this calmy and willingly. She is a joy to work with. Robin teaches 4H kids how to do obstacles.

Robin enjoys hiking. She saddles happily and carries her training panniers like a big girl. In our rough desert terrain, she hikes cross-country through brush, across rocky canyons, and up steep slopes. Typically, she does this in a string with other llamas and she is happy to take any position in the string. Already she has proven herself to be a competent trail llama with prospects for being a great packer. Robin will be undertaking her trials for her PLTA Basic Pack Llama certification in the spring of 2022 and will have no trouble passing with flying colors. (Please see the Pack Llama Trail Association Pack Trial Handbook for a complete explanation of certification requirements.)

Robin carries all the traits you would wish to pass on to a new generation of ccara llamas. She has impressive stature and is well balanced in her proportions with straight legs, a sturdy flat back and excellent overall conformation. She comes from proven breeding and performance stock. Her sire, Latitude's Silver Patron, is a certified PTLA Elite String Pack Llama, one of a handful of llamas to achieve this very highest of pack llama honors. Her dam, BLT Wahoo's Sparrow, earned her PLTA Basic String Pack Llama and Advanced Pack Llama certificates before concentrating on raising crias. Sparrow also did will in performance classes, earning Recognition of Merit awards, and accruing 113 ALSA show points which included becoming a grand and reserve champion in performance classes at age two-and-a-half. Robin's grandsire, UC Wahoo was the first llama to earn an Elite Pack Llama certificate as well as becoming a reserve champion at halter. Her grand dam also earned PLTA certification. Robin's heritage as a working llama goes well back in her genetic lines.

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